Citibet Golden Monkey year Bonus Win MYR888

Citibet Golden Monkey year Bonus Win MYR888

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 S888 Slots Citibet Monkey Year Bonus win up to RM888 bonus this CNY

Citibet online casino Terms & Conditions

  1. Contest will close on 29  February  2016.
  2. Player Win X5 SCATTER or X5 SUBSTITUTE  at Dragon Gold ,GreatStars,WongChoy need to screen shot and send to our Customer Service for redeem within 24 hours.
  3. Each member only allowed to have one registered account in Citibet, If we found out members create more than one account,
    (Before creating multiple accounts, members have to contact one of our live chat representative and request for creating multiple accounts).
    Otherwise Citibet will treat these accounts as an organizational account. And Citibet have the right to terminate the accounts, and credit will be frozen permanently.
  4. Citibet General Terms & Conditions of Promotions apply.
  5. Citibet Our system will auto transfer the credit to your own account. No rollover requirement for this bonus.

How to Participate in Dota2 Malaysia Citibet Predictions King Promotion?


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